Thursday, May 19, 2005


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Rains have soaked the ground and the tractor carves a muddy path as it comes around next to a neighbors barn. Days later the farmer spread straw over the mud to soak up the moisture. The blood red paint adheres in uneven patches to the old barnwood, and someone has slopped paint on the beautiful stone foundation.


darrell said...

Ah, this is a beautiful shot. It wouldn't have been the same with the straw spread all over. Perhaps the red was a good contrast to all the browns. They must've sprayed that on - looks like an overspray on the glass too.

I haven't seen your entire collection of images, but this one is at the top so far.

jespes said...

what a wonderful, timeless shot.

also got a kick out of the bails-of-hay image from a few weeks back.

pilgrim said...

Beautiful tones and composition. Very nice!