Wednesday, June 01, 2005

rural symbol

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Not many people have even seen the small town of Holcomb. Made up of only perhaps 25 homes, the town nestles in the middle of cornfields. Corn and soybeans stretch as far as the eye can see. A railroad spur borders the town on the east, but it is rarely if ever used. Grain elevators are the dominant feature on the landscape, rising up from the flat expanses like shining minarets. They are the symbol of a lifestyle in middle America. Hard work, honesty, family, faith and country.


cube said...

pretty good. i like the shot.

Chris B said...

I really like the regular march of grain elevators, each with their own size and width. It's like music written on paper. The dark sky softens the mechanistic foreground. I think it might be a trifle over exposed.

Zanne said...

Chris - I ran it through Photoshop to create a fake infrared effect. Works better with trees I guess. HA.

pilgrim said...

Beautiful. I like the polished skin of the grain tanks, it reminds me of vintage aircraft fuselages with all that polished aluminum. (I supose in this case it's stainless steel). I like the darkened sky also.