Saturday, June 25, 2005

the collector

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This is Avery Stevens, the tractor collector I met this morning. I believe he said he has at least 7 old tractors, including a Silver King, and Avery and others. Collecting is an addiction, whether it be tractors or cameras, and some are more pricey than others.

Avery is donning his gloves to tighten up the chains that hold the tractor on the flat bed trailer. Tomorrow he's driving the Minneapolis Moline in the Swedish Days Parade in nearby Geneva. That ought to give the kids a thrill - they love machinery!


Anonymous said...

I love these pics! Real people, doing real things, that please them!

farmer john said...

I see you got some comment spam Zanne. Nice series on this old tractor. I see old tractors for sale all the time sitting in the front of farm houses but never this old.

Zanne said...

Hey John - if I have comment spam does that mean I've made it to the big time?? Now I've got to go over to the dashboard and figure out how to delete it. - Regards, Suzanne

traktör çekişmeleri said...

Oops, if I admire the pictures does that mean that this is spam too? anyway have a look at its sort of youtube for that spam...?