Monday, June 27, 2005


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As children, we were always encouraged to create a rich artistic life. I can't remember a single day as an adult that I haven't done something creative, whether it be writing, painting, knitting, stitching or any number of endeavors. I have, however, always been wildly envious of people who have been gifted with musical talent, because I have none of it. None.

It's one thing to be moved by a beautiful piece of music, but to be able to perform and channel emotion through the instrument must be tremendously satisfying. It will remain an experience I can only dream about.

Picture here is John, a young musician who performed for guests at a reenactment of an 1800's wedding. He performed music that would have been popular at the time, and he was very talented and poised. Many thanks to John and his sister Emma, who performed prior to the ceremony.

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