Thursday, June 30, 2005

yucatan dreaming

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The nearest palm tree is probably a thousand miles from the corn and soybean fields of Illinois. But thanks to a businessman who opened a car wash near here, we can pretend we're sitting on a beach in the Yucatan. The building is a Key West type architectural design, and he's had these fake palm trees installed out front.

I sat on a bench waiting for the young workers to finish vacuuming and spiffing up the interior. If you tune out the hum of the machinery and look skyward, you can almost believe that you're in Playa del Carmen. Almost. I'm not quite sure the imagination will take you there in the middle of January, but it would be worth a try.

This flatlander has found a second love and every time I leave Playa, it's with a kiss and a promise to return. I miss all the lovely, hard working people that inhabit the Yucatan.


Rurality said...

They look pretty real from that angle!

Hick said...

There's a guy down the way from us that has erected a mini-Neverland-type area on his property. He has a large pond with palm trees (I didn't think Palm Trees would grow where it snows...learn something new everyday), a train track running around it and a Flintstone type tunnel for the little train to go through. It is so odd stuck out there in the middle of the woods. Hard telling what some people will do given enough time on their hands.

Lorianne said...

I'm with Rurality: those palm trees look real!!!

pilgrim said...

Hey! They look better than the real ones we have all around here!