Thursday, June 23, 2005

the work glove

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There's an eerie element to working in old barns and farms. It's an unsettling feeling created by the images themselves. As you look around you, questions arise. When's the last time a barn cat at out of the food bowl that is now filled with dirt and leaf litter? When did the huge vine take hold in the corn crib, spillling it's green harvest out the door and onto the floor? When the raccoons move in, making this space their own?

Chairs sit empty next to the grain lifting machinery. Work shirts hang rotting on nails, and gloves have fallen to the ground, dropping from the farmers back pocket. The air of abandonment hangs heavy on the space.


Rurality said...

When I see a glove that's not been worn for a long while, I always wonder how many spiders have made a home there!

Anonymous said...

FYI typo... specifically, a missing letter "e" in your question, "When's the last time a barn cat atE out of the food bowl..."