Saturday, June 25, 2005

a man and his music

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In addition to keeping his tractor in top running condition, and giving it a beautiful paint job, Avery has installed a cassette tape player. He was very enthusiastic about sharing his choice of music......lots of Swedish and Bohemian polka tapes. I had to admit I'd never heard of Swedish polkas. The only thing missing on the tractor seemed to be a cup holder, for a nice can of beer while you're plowing.


Bob said...

Thanks for the response in the PB discussion group. Of course, I buzzed right over here and love what I found. I find so many wonderful photographs as I cruis around. People are really learning to express their inner selves through their cameras.

pablo said...

Of the tractor pix, I like this one the best. I think because it is the most technically challenging (to my meagre skills anyway). How do you control the flood of backlight in situations like this? It seems to me that light coming through the windshield would flood out all of the foreground detail.

Zanne said...

Well Avery was pretty much in the light, but the details in the truck were quite dark, so I adjusted in Photoshop using curves.

Anonymous said...


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