Tuesday, June 21, 2005

mystery shopper

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Marge and "the furniture guy" discuss business at the barn sale. Many of the rural barns have outlived their original purposes and now house antiques and tons of interesting things. Up the road from here Val has a barn full of stuff and two giant stuffed toy monkeys that reside in the rafters, serving as unofficial barn sale mascots.

I wasn't aware, until I downloaded this image, that I'd caught a mystery shopped in the old mirror hanging on the wall.


Pablo said...

This is really a terrific photo. Most of your pix are like art, but this also holds story. The capturing of the mystery shopper is a fun and interesting feature that adds depth (both literally and figuratively), and the crusty old farmer in that flashy shirt just begs to have a tale conjured to explain the incongruity. Great fun! I'm so glad I found your blog.

pilgrim said...

This picture is a story in itself. Great shot!

mystery shopper said...

Hi Zanne
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