Monday, June 20, 2005

corn husk dolls

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In addition to the adult volunteers, the Durant Peterson Museum House is lucky enough to have a group of school age kids who interpret the lives of the children who called this house their home. They volunteer their services for the various special presentations, including the annual Summer Frolic.

Last Sunday, three of the young volunteers were busy in the kitchen, which was added to the original house in 1880. It's always time travel for me. The girls were sitting quietly at the table, attending to their work and in the background a beautiful cast iron cookstove. If you visit in the wintertime, the stove would hold a belly of burning wood and a tasty stew would be bubbling in a pot.

A young girl who lived in the house described in her journal the advent of an exciting new pasttime - stringing buttons on thread! Times were simpler, choices were fewer, life was hard and lots of work. But those who have spent some time in the past (participants in the PBS "House" series), especially the children will tell you that it was actually less stressful and more fun!

If you're interested, you can scroll down to the next entry to see how I transformed a color photograph to a fake tintype. If you live the Chicago area, the Summer Frolic is Sunday, July 17 from 1-5 p.m.


Chris B said...

Nice to see you back online!

My last house was built in 1856, and I often wondered about the people who built it and lived there all those years ago.

I like the coloration of the shot, and the nice mix of tones.

pilgrim said...

Lovely subject, much better in sepia. She seems right out from the "Ingalls family" tv series.