Tuesday, June 21, 2005

margie's free coffee & cookies

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This is Margie. She is perhaps the most interesting person I've met in the 11 years I've lived in the country. Her and her husband built their place in 1948 on 5 acres just down the road from me. In the beginning there was no running water, indoor plumbing or central heat. In the wintertime, water turned to ice as she scrubbed her kitchen floor. She's just one of those wonderful, honest and hard working people who are the strong foundation of our community. Her and her husband continue to work - she runs antique and estate sales, and he's a farrier, shoeing horses for local farmers and equestrian centers.

Unfortunately, the new people moving in, attracted by the developers promises of "Large Homes - Less Money", will never take the time to get to know Marge. After all, she doesn't shop at the Coach Handbag store over on Randall Road.

This is probably not a very good portraits, as portraits go. The details on her sweater are blown out, and the lighting on her face a little strange. But perhaps, just perhaps, I've captured some of the "stuff" that this woman is made of. I caught her at the barn sale, and it seems fitting that she's surrounded by her stuff. I found some great little treasures, spent $11 and helped myself to her free coffee and cookies!


srp said...

I am sooooo glad you are back. Your pictures are great and I love the people you've introduced us to.

KatKit13 said...

I don't know - I think you captured her well - weathering the hot sun, the map of lines of honest work on her face. And that awesome turquoise bracelet. The blown out portion of her sweater makes your eye go to the detail of her wonderful face.

She sounds like quite a gal.

Anonymous said...

tes, and she got a nice bracalete.

srp said...

Marge reminds me of my Great Aunt Deliah who lived in southern Illinois all her life. She outlived two husbands, both farmers, and was a young nurse during WWI. Her younger sister died at age 95. Her baby brother, my grandfather, died at age 97. After he was gone she only lived for another month or two. At the time of her death she was 104 and had lived in three centuries. (1896 - 2000) She was of the same "stuff" as Marge.

pilgrim said...

Beautiful portrait Zanne! I love her proud and honest expression, and the those great details, like the bracelet.