Saturday, April 15, 2006

between water and sky

Development creeps in, sandwiched between water and sky. The developments jump major roads and water hazards, inching westward. Every so often there's a shift and the building explodes with the speed of a prairie fire.

Continuing with Favorites. Bully writes that among the favorites are Fog (March 7), Hiking (March 4) and Weather (Sept. 26). But then there's hard to choose Bully lists:

Change of Seasons (Jan. 31), evokes much sadness. The passing of one way of life.
Oxblood Red - Nov. 12
Winter Light - Dec. 15
Feather Ligth - Nov. 8
Windpower - Oct. 27
Entrepreneur - Oct. 23
Lonely Tree - Oct. 22
Shocks - Oct 20
Fall (in golden mist) - Oct. 14
Fully Involved - (the barn fire) - Oct. 11
Ribbon of Road - Sept. 23
Blue Highway - Sept. 6
Observation Silo - Sept. 15

SRP listed her favorite as Attractive posted on July 23.

Check back tomorrow when I attempt to choose my favorite photo.


Josué Jacinto said...

Blog divulges its in:

Floridacracker said...

It strikes me that this prairie development is much sneakier than what happens here. Bulldozing forests gets people fired up, quietly paving over the richest topsoil on earth is met with silence.