Sunday, April 30, 2006


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If, while driving through the countryside you happen upon the remants of a two-track road, and in the distance stand a group of trees, you can be assured that at one time there was also a farmhouse.

One day I'll walk up this old road and find the remnants of the foundation. The farmhouse is not a part of my local memory, which means it's been gone longer than 14 years. I always wonder if there exist photographs of the space - in another time. Perhaps a white farmhouse and outbuildings, barn and milk house. Oh, to look back in time.


abe/happy said...

a lovely shot & interesting thoughts as to what was an is no longer more.

pablo said...

we still have a few scenes like these even here is bursting suburbia.

srp said...

Would the library or the county seat offices have old pictures of farms. A long time ago the county where my uncles and grandfather had their farms hired a photographer and pilot to get photographs of the main farm for records. This was down in southern Illinois.

punctum said...

A fascinating blog, and beautiful photographs. Thank you. Toby.