Sunday, April 23, 2006


Today was the beginning of the season for the Sandwich antique market. It was such a beautiful day, albeit very windy even for Illinois. My photography friend and antique dealer Ron was spending the day selling a load of antiques and one vintage 1960 Airstream Trailer.

The tiny bathroom was bathed in a strange greenish light. Outside the green plastic sunshade was lowered over the window. The entire scene just begged to be captured, with a sliver of light streaming down from the ceiling air vent.

My mind always turns to the history - wondering where this old trailer has traveled and what adventures it has seen.


Pink sage said...

This is a very nice picture, i really like the lighting and the mood it sets!

Lynne said...

I LOVE the Sandwich Antiques Market! I had totally forgotten that it opened last weekend -- thank you for the reminder -- I will put it on my calendar for next month -- it's a true treasure that we try to partake of at least a few times during the season!