Friday, April 14, 2006

looking forward

I'm looking forward to continuing as long as there's something interesting to shoot and write about. Publishing daily presents an interesting challenge that certainly keeps your mind alert and open to what's going on in your community.

The readers are a big part of what drives an effort such as this.

Reader Donna is also a local resident, living in nearby LaFox. Her beautiful property has been featured several times in the last year. This tiny town is truly a jewel and Donna's historic home, barn and outbuildings are the centerpiece. LaFox will struggle every day from this point on, as more than 1,500 homes and townhouses are scheduled to be built, encircling the small historic downtown and changing forever the fabric of the place. Check out March 10, October 31 and December 8th.

My friend the Cracker found an entry on December 6, entitled "Fresh Snow" as his favorite. He decribes it as a Curried and Ives image. I agree, it was such a beautiful scene, who could resist?

Juli, otherwise known as the Girl on a Glide weighs in with the following:
4.13.05: The Family Plot - I love how the dearly departed are still a part of the farm. Their headstones seem to serve as a reminder of how and why.
4.27.05: Baby Doll - The sheep has a gentle smile for the camera and appears to be a stuffed animal. Precious.
7.22.05: Corn Rows - I appreciate this photo because it's a new perspective. A view I've never seen. It appears magical, otherworldly. It makes me feel small.
11.15.05: Day and Night - A silent statement. Says more than words.
I Love checking for your updates, your photos and the impressions you share both visually and wordly. :)

We will continue tomorrow, so be sure to check in!


srp said...

I have found my favorite. July 23rd.
Post title is Attractive.

Tim Rice said...

I love the photo on this post. There's something stately about it.