Thursday, April 27, 2006

yellow and green

About 12 miles west of the push of development, where former fields are stripped of their rich black topsoil, the race is on.

We've finally turned the corner past winter and warmer days are heating up the soil. John Deere tractors create their perfect patterns and flatbeds loaded with seed wait at the edge of the fields. The rains will follow and soon this land will be covered with corn or soybean sprouts.

It's an amazing sight.


Beth Berst said...

I like your site. I found it doing a Google search for "Josie's Antique Mart". I pass by it, and have always wondered what was down that road. Your photographs are all terrific, and you have inspired me to go to Big Rock to find this creek with all the little white Queen's Anne's Lace type of flowers.

Zanne said...

The wandering can be fun in Big Rock, but if you want to find the location quickly it's at the intersection of Big Rock & Granart Roads, on the south side of the bridge! The wild beehive was on the northeast bank of the roadway. I haven't checked to see if they're building a hive again this year.

Zanne said...

OOPS's Jericho Rd. & Granart!!

Beth Berst said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to make it out there soon. :)