Monday, April 10, 2006

more favorites

Carrie from Anoka, Minnesota writes that her favorites photos are /Faith and Lily Lake Cemetery both published in December 2005. She says, "I grew up in a small Minnesota town & spent my childhood attending events with family & friends at small country churches in Minnesota & North Dakota. The pictures make me reflect back to those times & in my mind that is what pictures are meant to do."

I agree, and am so glad that those pictures struck a chord with you.

Alissa writes, "I have been a loyal visitor to your site since last summer. I don't
comment much at all, but I do visit nearly every day. I love your photos.
I don't have time to search, but I can tell you right off the top of
my head which photo is my favorite. John Deere tractor (or maybe it was a
combine), out in the field, with a storm cloud coming up fast in the
background. You know which one I'm talking about?" YES Alissa, it's the photo on May 15th Nothing Runs Like a Deere and it's one of my favorites also. I remember the sense of danger as the storm approached from the west.

Check back tomorrow for more Farmers Wife Favorites.

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