Saturday, April 22, 2006

tin roof

The tin roof of an old barn shines in the sunlight like a new dime. The shiny roof seems to opppose the weathered barnwood.

The awards dinner last evening was wonderful experience. Director Jerry Johnson has committed his life to the endeavors at Garfield Farm Museum, and his hand is evident in all the good things the organization brings to our community. Just to my right at dinner sat a new employee of the farm museum, Patty. She's an assistant site manager and a very interesting young woman.

She asked a very good question, basically wanting to know where I get my inspiration and how I decide what to photograph. It's curious that it's not something I've spent alot of time pondering, and I was quite surprised at how easily my answer tumbled out of my mouth, "My deadline is my inspiration." And that is true. When you impose a deadline upon yourself each and every day, you are force to be constantly scanning, thinking of possible images.

For an example, Patty loved the photo posted on April 6, entitled "Vintage". It depicts a length of chain type material hanging on a wall. Here's how that image came about - knowing I needed to shoot an image for the following day I ate my lunch at Peck Farm Park and wandered around in search of inspiration. The chain material was hanging on the wall of a shed and it occurred to me that framed correctly it almost appeared to be an art installation of sorts. I snapped the shot.

The deadline forces you to create something from nothing at times. Thanks Patty for the interesting question. The museum is lucky indeed to have such an enthusastic and capable employee. You are a wonderful ambassador for the organization.

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