Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the deep

The once beautiful old white farmhouse lies back in a deep tangle of trees and vines. From the roadway it's hardly visible, but the huge barn standing even deeper in the wooded chaos draws your eye to the spot. Everything is a confusion of brown, black and grey. I step carefully through the underbrush as you never know where an old well might be hidden.

Even in bright sunlight the scene is frightening. I can't imagine this place in a thunderstorm.


srp said...

I could imagine what critters were in there. Waverly Plantation near Columbus, MS was empty for almost 50 years before the Snow family found it. It had been a playhouse for kids, home for vermin and the land was tangled. Fortunately, the beautiful antebellum home had been well built and vandalism was minimal... the original glass was almost intact. Now, it is open to the public daily, restored, the 100+ year old magnolia tree still blooms the first week of May. Imagine what this could look like if restored.

Floridacracker said...

Beautiful. Looks like some of the 30's photos from the WPA or Writer's Project. Nice.