Saturday, April 29, 2006

tire swing

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The tree is barely leafing out, but soon it will be fully green and dense. The rounded canopy will shade the daydreamer swinging back and forth in the tire swing. I've seen these swings everywhere I travel, including one hanging from a live oak tree dripping with Spanish moss in the Carolina lowcountry. It was a scene righ out of "To Kill a Mockingbird".

As a kid I'd put my legs through the ring and hang upside down. Lots of hours were spent daydreaming in a tire swing.

This is an excellent activity, allowing the mind to wander from task oriented thoughts and into the realm of the "what if...". Daydreaming in a tire swing is a type of cheap therapy, free association with a view. I always felt it was time well spent.


Tim said...

tire swings are too cool. almost as cool as tree houses.

squire said...

The tire swings brings back lots of memories. thanks

Sharon Delman said...

My grandfather set up a wooden plank, fastened with yellow and red ropes to his apricot tree. It was paradise for a little girl. Thanks for triggering the memory. Your photos are beautiful, by the way.