Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the approach

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For the second time this week odd and dangerous looking clouds formed and moved quickly over the landscape.

On Sunday a huge dome shaped cloud wall formed to the west of here. Like today's storm nothing much came of it, no lightning, no rain. The cloud formation that literally flew across from northwest to southeast today, became the blackest formation I've ever witnessed. The edges were strange and stringy, resembling a coarse torn paper.

The weather is cool, which hopefully contributes to the fact that nothing has yet formed into a tornado.


Adele said...

Your pix are so beautiful, sharp, clear, with wonderful subjects. Thank you for sharing them with us. I have lots of sky/storm pictures also. We rarely have tornados on the north side of Lake Superior, but we have fierce storms that build up over the lake and are awesome to watch.

Also thanks for the lilacs, ours are just starting to show green.

srp said...

The lilacs are finished with their blooms here... Mid April to early May. Honeysuckle is going strong but is also past the height of blooms. Iris are hanging on.

I love the picture. The small waves on the water give that feeling of the wind and those two row boats add such a special touch.

StFarmer said...


I just saw the photo of your child's graduation from ISU. Had to tell you that I live on the edge of Normal...

Love your photos. What do you use to post-process and what camera do you use?

If you're interested, this is a link to another photo-blogger that I enjoy.

Zanne said...

Thanks for all the kind comments.

Adele- I've never been so scared in my life as I was crossing Lake Superior on a ferry at the end of November. The water was dark and cold - very dangerous looking. Tales of the Edmund Fitzgerald were floating around in my brain.

srp- The clouds were rolling in FAST and I was driving home. My brain was in overdrive trying to come up with a spot between there and home that would be "photogenic". This is a very small private lake- Campton Lake - for use by local homeowners. I braved the "No Trespassing" sign to bring you this shot!!

stfarmer - My family is becoming concerned about the number of cameras that reside in our house. But I use two cameras consistently - my Fuji S5000, which produces good pics with a minimum of fuss. This is necessary as I'm often shooting in quick situations, on the side of roads with little or no shoulder, etc. If I have the luxury of time and safety I shoot with my Nikon D70.
Post processing is done in Photoshop, but not a whole lot because it's a complicated program and I'm pretty dumb when it comes to those things!

Thanks for the link.