Thursday, May 25, 2006


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I'd like to declare May as "Wierd Cloud Formation Month". Strange clouds continue to roll across the farmland from the west.

Fortunately for us the weather has been cool. I fear that heat would have whipped the atmosphere into a tornado. The previous day a a huge anvil shaped cloud formed within a 15 minute period. It dissipated quickly.

This particularly nasty formation blew in quickly from the northwest. Ahead of it were sparkling clear blue skies brushed with thin white clouds. The contrast was dramatic.

This photo was adjusted slightly in Photoshop "curves". And yes, the cloud was this black and menacing. It also dissipated without a drop of rain, a bolt of lighting or a thunderous roar. Many people were taking photographs. The edges of the clouds in some places had the strange effect of coarse paper that had been torn along the edges.


Lynne said...

Awesome photo! I think we got the rain from that one in Arlington Heights last night -- man, it poured! Terrific pictures -- just love your blog!

squire said...

I love to look at the clouds. Thanks for the pictures.

Ranando said...

Your fantastic, love your photos.

Leslie said...

WOW just look at that sky. It grabs your attention and won't let go.

srp said...

That does look like a tornado cloud, if the heat were there. Scary.

Floridacracker said...

Great cloud pics!