Tuesday, May 09, 2006

fresh paint

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A book on written about the old south presented the interesting thought that the only thing holding some of the old structures together was a coat of fresh paint. I've seen for myself the rapid deterioration of barns and outbuildings that have been stripped clean of that protective coat.

Perhaps the paint is just a visible sign of the behind the scenes maintenance and care that keeps a building vital.

This interesting corn crib is painted in a vibrant and interesting red and white pattern. It's very beautiful, but curiously it stands in a field by itself. There's no farmhouse or barns nearby. The summer before last there was a vegetable garden growing alongside and obviously it's cared for. The blossoming trees create a visual game of hide and seek.


pablo said...

And don't forget the field of lovely yellow flowers in the foreground.

srp said...

It is as if the little plot of ground with blooming trees and bright red paint is saying..... STOP!!! No construction here!

Old Man Crowder said...

I love old, rickety barns. They make me want to poke around inside and see what's there!

Anonymous said...

I can see children picking dandilions, climbing the apple trees and playing in the corn crib.