Monday, May 22, 2006

auburn java

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This is a rare auburn Java Chick, being held by Tim Christakos from the Museum of Science and Industry. Tim was among the many exhibitors at Garfield Farm's annual Rare Breeds Show.

It was perfect day weather-wise and everyone seemed to be having a good time and learning alot in the process.

That's the beauty of these types of gatherings. It's not just about being amused, although the baby chicks were quite amusing.

Visit The Back Porch for further information on Java Chickens.


Floridacracker said...

Cute chick!

Keeping Chickens said...

Hey there,
Nice photo of your chick!
I followed your site link from
I just checked out your home page, are there really farms like that derelict close to you?
As a townie living in the UK who's only got a 100 x 40 foot back garden (that's considered pretty big round here) I dream of having the money to buy a house with land...
Gosh, I suppose the reality of it isn't so good if they're all going bust.
I can dream though eh?
For now we have to make do with our four... No scap that three chickens. We lost one to a fox yesterday and it was devastating for 'new' chicken keepers like us.
Speak soon and take care,

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at how quickly you posted this! I just came home from that show with four Columbia Wyandottes and two Auburn javas. I wonder if you know what is optimum for them temperature wise? It's a very hot day, and I have them in my dog crate in the porch where it can get hot. I'm thinking garage might be better?
We're going to enclose our wooden playset in the back yard with lumber and hardware cloth to build an environment for them, but they don't need cooling apparatus, do they?