Wednesday, May 24, 2006


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You were probably expecting a photo of a burly labor organizer, but this more accurately represents a teamster. The term originated to describe the driver of a team of draft animals, in this case a team of yoked oxen.

Unlike horses, these are animals are driven and their movements controlled by voice and with the use of a goad, a type of switch. The goad is used to get and keep the animals attention. It's not used as a whip.

The animals start their training shortly after birth. It's amazing to see them in action. The teamster can back them up turning right or left, sort of like a muscular 18-wheeler.


pablo said...

Amazing how the work and methods of a teamster are so close to those of a parent.

john said...

I wonder if tht means that Jimmy Hoffa is nearby?

Amy said...

It's great to see my father doing something that he enjoys so much!