Wednesday, May 10, 2006


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Gray skies move in again, but with the rain comes something of great beauty - the corn seedlings pop through the soil. The spots of green, perfectly spaced in the black topsoil are a work of art in themselves.

This is a good time of year. We're hoping for better weather and no repeat of last years drought.

Tomorrow we'll view what's happened to last years soybean field just down the road.


KatKit13 said...

I noticed this yesterday driving through No. Plainfield. It was an official sign of spring for me - and a reminder that summer is around the corner! I wonder if we'll have early corn again this year.

pablo said...

Nicely captured undulation. You really are gifted with a camera.

srp said...

Beautiful corn.
We will be in southern Illinois for a couple of days the first of June. I hope to capture a few pictures then.

Juli said...

Zanne... this tickled my tummy like driving over a gently rolling hill. I love the movement and impending growth.

Floridacracker said...

Very nice, such promise.

Nancy Bea said...

What a pretty photo! Great pattern and movement contrasting nicely with the soft hazy atmosphere.