Wednesday, June 07, 2006


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Parade goers line up early to get the best spots. The storefronts looked well-maintained. It all had the effect of one of those collectible Christmas villages.... the summertime version.


KatKit13 said...

I cannot get over how white the street is.
The best parade I ever saw was the 4th of July parade in Juneau Alaska. The Girls Without Gas (in housecoats, slippers, and pushing push mowers LOL) were wonderful. The highlight was the drum majorette. If she was younger than 80, I'd be shocked!

Zanne said...

The whitewash applied the night before made the street VERY WHITE. It made a photographers life miserable. Oh, that and the fact that the photographer forgot to reset the image quality after inserting new batteries.

Nothing like returning home with 263 images taken at 1 megapixel resolution to ruin your day. Oh well, I won'te be enlarging these to the size of a side of barn anytime soon.

srp said...

I think the Girls Without Gas and the Lawn Chair Dads should somehow try to get into the same parade.

Isn't it wonderful how ALL small towns look so much alike? We were in Flora, Illinois last weekend and you could change the buildings out and never know the difference.