Thursday, June 22, 2006

teenager meets the Lincolns

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The Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois is a most excellent non-traditional library space. It bring Lincoln, his family and his contemporaries alive - making them your friend, your neighbor. No expense has been spared in this endeavor.

As Lincoln said of Illinois....

"To this place, I owe everything"

I was struck by this teenager, who stood for quite awhile before the Lincoln figures, thinking perhaps that maybe her family wasn't so different from his.


srp said...

Well, the littlest one on the left captures the look my little brother had in many of the family pictures; arms crossed and looking off into space. This is a library you say?

Zanne said...

This is the museum portion of the Abraham Lincoln Museum and Presidential Library. What an awesome complex.

That little guy on the left is Tad Lincoln - who was said to have been a spoiled brat. This museum really hits home on the difficulties of living during this period in time - when children rarely survived their childhoods. It's a not-to-be-missed museum. No expense has been spared.

bart said...

Great interaction! Nice pic!

bavand said...

I'm not so familiar with american history and this is a motivation t learn more.
From photographical point of view it's got good combination and light.I'd probably pefere to include a little bit of teenages' face in the shot.

Zanne said...

Yes Bavand, I wish she would have turned her head a bit. It was difficult to get even this shot as it was a busy museum and I had to grab the shot quickly without crowds of people in the shot!

Thanks for visiting.