Monday, June 19, 2006

new salem

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History comes alive in New Salem, Illinois. The reconstructed village that was home to Abraham Lincoln for 6 years depicts life as it was during the day when he was a young adult.

It's a beautiful, peaceful place.


Beverly said...

Your photography is remarkable. I come to you often by way of Melange, and I truly enjoy your posts.

A wonderful eye for beauty in simplicity.

Zebigleb said...

Oh my God !
I love this photo so much
Thanx ;-)

srp said...

This is such a serene picture.
Makes me want to sigh.
OK, I think I will.

Zanne said...

As always, thanks for the kind comments. This place was full of images just waiting to be taken - they were everywhere. Simplicity - yes, this place is all about simplicity. And serene, also. It was so quiet and peaceful. I imagine in it's day this place represented alot of hard work but simplicity and peace also.