Thursday, June 29, 2006


Oregon, Illinois has a long history of connection with the fine arts, beginning in the early 1900's when sculptor Loredo Taft founded an art colony along the Rock River. Today the area is home to several foundries that cast bronze statues.

This week including the field art and scultures, artists lived on the farms and created a body of work based on their experience. These large canvases were produced by artist Bill Stone. His work is very interesting, being created by broad stroke with a pallette knife. He focused on the farms cattle herd.

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One of the existing statues is in Mix Park. It's 13 feet high and depicts Abraham Lincoln and Chief Blackhawk. This is a detail of the statue. Chief Blackhawk clings to a buffalo robe, the only covering left to him.

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I thought this artist quite brave to transport his work (lifesize) to the park for display. This will soon be cast in bronze. Even in it's clay state it's beautiful. It depicts Demeter, the greek goddess of the bountiful harvest.

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Floridacracker said...

I really like the big paintings.
The aerial shots on the previous post were really neat...thanks for sharing!

Beverly said...

Thank you for sharing those. Quite stunning. I love the cows.

Lynne said...

Wow -- those are great pieces -- all of them! What a treasure to be able to experience so much talent in one place!

Zanne said...

Cracker - those paintings were awesome...bold and large. He sold a couple of them over the weekend. His site is at

Lynne- That 13 foot statue of Lincoln and Chief Blackhawk is amazing. It's almost impossible to photograph in it's entirety, because the two figure are basically back to back. The Demeter sculpture is special, as she is very "common" and earthy looking, not a traditional beauty. I thought I heard the man saying that the artists inspiration was a woman he saw in the grocery store!

petite soeur said...

I'm a french woman, and I would like encourage your work. I like to see what happen beyond the sea.

srp said...

The paintings of the cattle are wonderful. I think the best effect would be to see them from a distance. It's nice to see that there is still great art talent today.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks for displaying the paintings of the cattle. I'm impressed.

Cheryl said...

I am looking for a painting of the Blackhawk statue, preferably by a local artist.

My e-mail is