Friday, June 09, 2006


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As evidenced by yesterday's photo of "Used Car Corner", it's apparent that zoning regulations and the way of doing business are a little less structured in rural areas.

The Sunglass Hut is a prime example of the haphazard way that businesses spring up. No need for a $2,300 space in a strip mall if you can erect a small hut at the edge of someone's property. This enterprising man probably approached the owners of the rural craft store and offered a monthly fee to set up on the patch of open grass.

On one corner nearby is a gentleman who carves large bears and other critters out of logs. He pulls his small cargo trailer in and sets up for a weekend of business. The village officials are after him now to pay sales tax.

More plentiful are the vegetable and fruit stands that dot the countryside.


pablo said...

I dunno. Probably needs some lupines.

Zebigleb said...

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Floridacracker said...

My wife loves a good vegetable stand.

Our watermelon season is over. Peanuts will be the next big crop.

Zanne said...

Thanks as always for the comments. Always appreciated and let me know I'm not talking to myself....again.

Pablo, I believe you are correct. Lupines would certainly soften the jarring effect of the string of plastic triangle flags.

zabigleb- I'll be checking your site in just a minutes.

Cracker - A good vegetable stand is worth it's weight in gold. Even better, here in the Midwest we have local farms that allow you to "subscribe" to a season of produce from their farm. You can pick up weekly (full share) or bi-weekly (half share). And, it's organic.

As far as the peanut crop.... you know of course, that I come from a long line of peanut and sugar cane farmers. I could never warm up to boiled peanuts as a kid. I'd love to give them another shot but I'm stuck here in the "land 'o corn and soybeans". Edamame just isn't the same. So I guess a field trip to the Florida panhandle is in order. I'm sure the old peanut farmer (Uncle Jackie) could find me some decent boiled peanuts to sample.

Zebigleb said...

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Zebigleb said...

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Zebigleb said...
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