Friday, June 23, 2006


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Train stations across the country are being rehabbed and given new life and new responsibilities. What was once the hub of transportation can become a visitors center for travelers.

In 1966 I caught a train to Chicago from the station in Huntsville, Alabama. Of course railroad travel continued to decline and that station was eventually retired from it's original purpose. Fast forward to 1992 and I found myself once again in Huntsville, this time taking a child to U.S. Space Camp.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the old train station was now a part of ths historic downtown section and part of a walking tour. Upstairs, in the attic of the station, it was discovered that during the civil war troops had hidden out and marked the walls with their historical record.

This is the old Union Station in Springfield, Illinois. The original clock tower from the late 1800's is being restored, having been removed in the 1940's. This appears to be very complicated and dangerous work. The terra cotta detail on the front of the building was absolutely beautiful.

NOTE: I've decided it was getting stagnant around here and it was time to get out and about for awhile. As you can see I finally figured out how to link (duh) and I've added some new friends. There's a great little blog from Montana, and two from Iran. The Iranian blogs have some fantastic landscapes, and check out Farokh's dog. It makes me feel that he's just around the corner, instead of around the globe.


srp said...

On a recent trip I saw an old railroad terminal with a red railroad car outside. It has been refurbished and now serves as the small town's post office.

squire said...

Hey gal, you are having too much fun. Get back home.

Zebigleb said...

Once more time I take a real pleasure to see and read