Friday, June 16, 2006

three for the road

I'll leave you with three for the road -
We're leaving for a few days to take a field trip to the Abraham Lincoln Museum and Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois.

Here are three photos from todays shoot at Peck Farm Lake. From a distance it appears that Peck Lake is being slowly consumed by a bright green ring that inches day by day farther from the shoreline.

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Not being versed in pond biology I cannot identify the culprit. Perhaps it's a form of algae bloom that's all over the TV news. It seems that algae bloom is a problem in the Great Lakes this summer.

Having tripped on a rock and taken a dive in the upper gravel pathway, I gingerly walked out onto the small floating pier to look around. This feather had fallen into the "goop" and I had no intention of doing likewise.

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Luckily no one was around to see my less-than-graceful plummet into the gravel. The half a foot long scrape on my arm proves that I will do anything to get the shot. It also leaves me wondering how I ever rode a motorcycle without wearing leathers. Falling while traveling at slightly over 0 miles per hour, I've managed a very nasty scrape.

Back up the pathway to the car I was harassed at intervals by Orioles, loud and persistent birds. Both side of the path were lined with milkweeds. Despite their tag as a weed, they produce beautiful blossoms. Don't touch - they're extremely sticky!

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Have a beautiful weekend.


pablo said...

If you see my brother while you're in springfield, tell him he still owes me a dollar and lunch for the car.

Zanne said...

Will do Pablo!

Zebigleb said...

Tank you Zanne - Have nice Week end too !

srp said...

Have a good weekend.
I seem to remember a time when I was little that they had an algae bloom in Lake Michigan and it killed these small fish that larger fish ate and so on. The fish washed up on the beaches of the lake and the stench was terrible. Hope that doesn't happen again.

Tim Rice said...

Ah, the milkweed. I think it was one of my favorite childhood wild plants. Hope you had a great trip!

Marcelo said...

Interesting pics. Liked your blog a lot.