Thursday, June 29, 2006


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The biker attempts to outrun the approaching rain.

My riding days are now over and the bike is long gone. This is one part of riding that I did not enjoy. Many hours were spent over the years sitting under bridges waiting for the storm to pass.


Floridacracker said...

I miss my Stingray buzz bike from Woolworths with banana seat and butterfly handlebars.

Lorelei said...

I used to have a cute little Honda TwinStar, model year 1978. 180cc's, so it was barely above "motor scooter" grade.

But BOY, I loved it. It sounded like a little sewing machine.
My dad hooked me up with it when I was in college, and, of course, it was a great way to zoom around the campus.

He also hooked me up with a purple helmet, which I promptly and obscenely decorated with big ol' flowers... you know, so that way you know I'm a girlie.

I quickly developed a reputation for being "that girl with the motorcycle", which I suppose made me all cool, back in the day (we're talking 1990's, when chicks all had scooters, so i was considered a badass).

I rue the day I gave up that bike: after college, I moved back up to Chicago and got numerous-- and wrongly issued-- parking tickets for parking on the sidewalk, sharing a metered space, etc. See, the thing was dainty enough for random assholes to move it to accommodate their car, meaning it was light enough to move up onto someone's lawn, or maneuver it to make space for somebody's Lexus.


Zebigleb said...

Fast and powerful
Love the moove of this shot
Have a nice Week End

Tammy said...

Helmets people Helmets!!!
Gosh this just scares me to death when I see no Helmet!