Monday, July 18, 2005

the auctioneer

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It would be impossible to explain and auctioneer's duties. His job seems to be keeping things moving along without a pause in the "action" of bidding. Somehow he should be able to create some excitement that keeps creates a do or die situation for the bidder.

A good auctioneer develops a nonsensical vocal delivery that's right up there with yodeling. I can't imagine how you get started or how you would practice something like this.

Country auctioneers can spit this stuff out at an amazing rate and are not to be confused with the more genteel auctioneers who deal in 17th century antiques. I have fond memories of tobacco auctions in Tennessee when the auctioneer would run up the bidding and then shout in a booming voice, "Sold American!"


pablo said...

Here in Kansas City we have an actual auctioneering school. It's serious business, and a lot of people don't survive the cut because they simply don't have the talent.

pilgrim said...

An amazing portrait. I can almost hear him yelling! Very expressive composition.

Becca said...

fabulous photo!