Friday, July 08, 2005

bob's TV & appliances

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There's not one single big box store in Oregon, Illinois. You'd have to drive up to Rockford if you're looking for the chains or big department stores. Oregon is strictly mom-and-pops. You can probably tell that Bob's once housed the local movie theater. Just around the corner from Bob's is a TV repair shop. Yep, it's true, in small town America we still repair our TV's instead of buying new.

Oregon is about an hour from our place, but we've got a similar appliance store nearby called Soukup's, a family owned business run by Doug Soukup. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but it's kind of nice to know the people you're doing business with. Doug's a great guy and I got him to buy an ad in our newspaper one time when I promised to bring him some Krispy Kreme donuts.

This winter I'll have to get a picture at R.F. Houtz's Cub Cadet dealer. They quit doing business during the lunch hour, sit around and play cards for an hour!


Paul said...

Whenever the nostalgia bug bites me, I can come here. Wow! That photo of "downtown Oregon" has a lot in it. I'll bet every one of those bricks has a story to tell. Great photo, and the one below of the adorned hands is a blue-ribbon winner!

pablo said...

I would buy an ad in your paper if you delivered Krispy Kreme donuts to me too.