Sunday, July 31, 2005

a friendly game of cards

Playing cards was the chosen form of killing time for the teenagers. Each of the barns is divided into two sections with an open area in the middle. The young people created a sort of social zone in the center of the barn.

Curiously, just out of the frame, the younger kids have been relegated to sitting on a set of low bleachers. The group of teenagers were surrounded by a force field that the pre-teens and younger didn't dare attempt to enter. Oh how I remember being in that painful position of being a geeky outsider and longingly wanting to belong to the older group.

They gave me a look as I passed by and snapped a few shots. It's always a good idea to hang around for awhile, until the novelty of your presence and your camera wears off. Soon they forget about the camera and return to their animated game.

I wanted to tell them to lock this moment in their hearts, for these happy times will nourish them in the future when times get tough.

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Floridacracker said...

As I read your fair posts, I am struck by the similarity of a fair in Illinois and a fair in Florida. It strikes me that all over the country 4H and FFA kids are sharing common experiences in raising, caring, and finally auctioning off a prized animal. Thanks for sharing.