Friday, July 01, 2005


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Organic refers to not only the fact that this cabbage was grown without the use of chemicals, but also to the nature of the design. It seemed to me a much more interesting as a black and white image, although the beautiful blueish green colors of the unfolding plant are equally compelling.

Brilliant yellow/orange marigolds are planted around the perimeter of the beds in an attempt to fend off the bugs amd a phony owl purchased from the nearby Farm and Fleet store is drafted into service standing watch over the garden patch. It won't be long till this is a batch of fresh cole slaw.


Lorianne said...

Yes, this image definitely works wonderfully in b&w! I'm such a slave to color, I forget how compelling b&w can be.

Hick said...

I love this picture. I think black and white pictures bring out the character and details more than color pictures.

KatKit13 said...

What an awesome pencil drawing this will be!! Printing it off! (grin)

Mia said...

This is fantastic. The B&W really works. Nice shot.