Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day

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It's Independence Day in small town America. In this part of the midwest that means parades, cookouts and fireworks. This is Big Rock, Illinois, one of many small towns dotting the countryside. They've hung flags on the electric poles along Route 30, starting just before the Vacationland RV dealership.

Big Rock is one of the smaller towns, with just a few businesses and lots of beautiful farmland. This building houses the Big Rock Historical Society and it stands on a curving road at the edge of town.

Northern Illinois is a large hog producer, so you can bet that we'll be serving barbecued ribs and pork chop sandwiches later this afternoon. There will be homemade potato salad, baked bean, corn roasted in the husk and baked beans. Thanks for visiting our little corner of the world. Happy 4th of July!


farmer john said...

Happy fourth to you too Zanne. You forgot the homemade lemonade with real lemon slices floating in it just like grandma's. Love the red barn and the flag is a nice touch.

Hick said...

Yum! I should have been there. I lived in Wisconsin for about 3 years and I loved all the festivals and celebrations and opportunities to eat great food that goes on in the summertime. Couldn't take the winters.

pilgrim said...

I was too busy to visit lately, but I hope it's not too late to wish you a happy holiday! BTW I leaved a salute on my page to my american friends.
This picture is very nice, somehow it reminds me from old naive paintings.