Thursday, July 14, 2005

party barn

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Gone are the days of useful work for this barn. Once home to Guernsey cows and collie dogs, the current residents include barn swallows, raccoons and feral cats. As evidenced by the broken whiskey bottles here and there, it's also host to the occasional barn party.

These are small affairs compared to the large teenage drinking parties held in the middle of 500 acre cornfields. The teens would probably never be found out and the party could continue without disturbing a soul except for that fact that the dead giveaway is 60-80 cars parked along a lonely dirt road. One of the county sheriffs was sorely angered, not only because these kids are putting themselves in grave danger by drinking and driving, but also by the fact that he had to haul the evidence - two kegs of beer - back through the cornfield to the roadway. That's a distance of probably a quarter of a mile.

The barn parties are small affairs - a couple of teens huddled in it's shelter, drinking booze and smoking cigarettes. If there's food involved the leftovers are quickly dispatched by the ever present raccoons, and all that's left are broken whiskey bottles as evidence of the barns latest incarnation.

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pilgrim said...

Very expressive picture. I love the composition and texture, though the message it (and your text) communicates is serious and sad.