Saturday, July 02, 2005

used glamour

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Margies barn sales are filled with wonderful and surprising treasures. Glassware, dishes, books and any number of items are displayed in neat arrangements, looking for a new home. Plastic tubs are filled with earrings, matched and tucked in plastic bags. Vintage bracelets fill a display case, long since separated from their owners. I wonder what stories these bracelets could tell. Tales of cocktail parties, weddings, anniversary dinners and time past when they helped add a touch of glamour on their owners wrist.


deb said...

Zanne, your photographs and stories are so wonderful and I wanted to let you know that you've got a new fan ;~)

pablo said...

This is good photography! Not only is the image itself interesting, but as you note, it carries the freight of untold stories with it. The viewer is invited to imagine. Fine work, as usual!

Rurality said...

Some of that really reminds me of my mother! :)