Wednesday, July 06, 2005

berry tales

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Picking berries fresh from the vine is a pleasant way to spent a summer's evening. As you walk along the line of brambles you are required to make a decision, over and over again. Is the berry fully ripe? Would it benefit from one more day on the vine?

Wearing long pants and being careful to avoid being caught on the thorns, I fill a small basket. The evenings efforts conjure up thoughts of blackberry jam or blackberry pie. It take several evening of picking to amass enough fruit to fill a pie and the work effort slides backwards as you sample the harvest.


farmer john said...

Our family does not usually have enough patience to wait until we have enough for a pie. We clean them, put them in a bowl with cream or ice cream, and enjoy as soon as we get them in the house. Love the deep green color Zanne.

pabloe said...

I still remember the cobblers my grandmother used to make from blackberries. We'd get torn to pieces and bitten by chiggers, but we loved those cobblers.

Chris B said...

nicely composed. I like the extra green to the right of the berries, and the mix of ripeness. we have a patch across the street and i play that same game everyday. are they ready yet???

srp said...

Along the back fence at my Grandma's she had these thorny gooseberry bushes. I seem to remember the sticky thorns or fibers were like little shards of spun fiberglass.

She made gooseberry pies. Cups and cups of sugar could not make those pies sweet. Makes my jaw cringe to think of it.

Hick said...

Oh, how I love blackberries. Ours are very late this year. Usually they are ripe by the end of July, but this year it will probably go into August. I can't wait. My favorite way is to make a blackberry sauce and pour it over vanilla ice cream. Yum!