Monday, July 25, 2005

county fair food

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The food wagons at the county fair are self-contained kitchens on wheels that travel all over the country. This years contract went to a company out of Florida and their wagons were spotless. I arrived each morning at the fair very early and the employees were scrubbing down the units inside and out.

I'm drawn like a moth to a flame by the bold colors and over-the-top patterns of the carnival midway design genre. It's a designer best and worst nightmare.

Whereas the previous photo was done in black and white, this one was treated to obtain an old photo look, with deeply saturated and aged colors.


Rurality said...

That looks exactly like the scene at the back of our county fair! Except ours is much later in the year.

Dianna said...

I really like your photos - the color and the black and white.

It looks like the Kane County Fair - but you have made the scenery look so otherworld, it is hard to tell!