Friday, July 29, 2005

sweet nothings

There's just something about hogs. There's the absolutely horrid smell of a hog production farm, but still there's something about hogs.

Chickens are noisy and gossipy, roosters are mean, and turkeys are dumb as rocks. Dairy cows are nice and I love the smell of a dairy farm and silage. The thing about hogs is that they're generally agreeable animals and they always have this goofy-happy look on their faces. And they seem to be touchy/feeley, always wanting to lay all over each other. Just when you get they all cleaned up for the show ring they roll around in the wood shavings again.

This hog was steadily moving it's snout and mouth as if whispering sweet nothings in it's barn-mates ear.'s sappy, but I just had to post "sweet nothings".


Lorianne said...

Seeing this photo, I can understand why folks keep pot-bellied pigs as pets. There's something irresistibly human about porcine affection. :-)

Hick said...

Ahhhh...pure bliss. I think this is one of the best pictures I have seen of pigs. I can't tell if the pigs around here look so cute because they are always so dirty.