Thursday, July 28, 2005


All the animals at the fair display curiosity about the streams of people wandering past their pens. Some are more curious than others, and the goats seems most curious of all. They're know to be little sneak theives also, so be careful what's sticking out of your back pocket because they just might help themselves to a possible meal. Goats will try to eat just about anything, including advertising flyers hastily jammed in a pocket.


Hick said...

I think goats always look like they are up to something. Good picture.

Rurality said...

What a sweetie! I can't believe our fair doesn't have animals.

Zanne said...

hick - Goats ARE always up to something. I wouldn't suggest turning your back on a goat.

Rurality - your fair doesn't have animals? Hmmmm, just jellies and jams and stuff? What do they judge? Or is it just a carnival type atmosphere?

Regards, Suzanne