Monday, July 04, 2005

big rock

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Communities sprang up along the rail lines, at intervals determined by how much grain the grain elevator could hold. This is a typical small town scene. As grain elevator complexes go, this is a small operation. Some of the bigger operations take up many acres.

Big Rock has no stop lights, no stop signs, no traffic and no smog. It's home to the Lamb of God organic farm. For a small subscription fee you can get fresh produce throughout the season.


srp said...

Your pics and commentary show the heart of this country. Another blogger out there in Pancake Flats, Kansas writes wonderful stories about the people in the heart of this country. You should get together and collaborate on a book with these stories and pictures together.

This is his latest story and it made me think of some of your previous picture posts.

srp said...

I don't think I got the link to his story right. I'll try his site: Writing From the Hip
Sorry about that. Hope this works.