Tuesday, July 12, 2005


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Dennis slammed ashore and did his damage. The remnants of the storm swirled in an ever widening circle up the middle of America. Unfortunately this is all that was left of his fury......these paltry water droplets, which could hardly be called raindrops. His death throes also brought lots of wind. This is the midwest, home of tornado alley, we don't need anymore wind. Got plenty, thanks anyway Dennis.

The wierd weather conditions this growing season have created what I regard as mutant corn. A normal corn plant is characterized by broad leaves that rise vertically and then gently arch back towards the ground. They're beautiful and graceful when viewed as row upon row of gently arching leaf forms.

This year the leaves are narrow, with a swordlike shape that stabs straight into the sky, as if cursing Mother Nature for not providing nourishment. Only time will tell what fruit these sabre like plants will bear.


Becca said...

so interesting about the corn ... beautifully written ...

pablo said...

Dennis never made it as far as my Kansas City home, but some small showers did sprout down by Roundrock, which helps with my tree plantings.